Founded in June 2007, NATIGAM is a plastic injection company that follows a business growing strategy through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Benefiting from an experienced, versatile and highly qualified staff, focuses on constant collaboration with its partners and customers, allowing a quick response to the most demanding requests.

It benefits from good access with proximity to motorways and logistic platforms already implemented in the surrounding area.

NATIGAM has implemented a Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001 : 2008 as a tool to strengthen confidence and partnership relationships with customers, suppliers and employees .

QMS certificate


Our objectives pass through the development of five key items:

• Customer Satisfaction
• Cooperation with Suppliers
• Employees training
• Compliance with all legal requirements

• Commitment to continuously improve the quality of our processes and services through teamwork (with customers, suppliers and employees).


NATIGAM operates in the sector of polymeric materials transformation by injection or compression molding.


NATIGAM aims to be a leading edge technology company, reliable, highly professional that works every day with every customer in every project as an ideal partner.


We intend to be part of the success of our customers and contribute to the personal and professional fulfillment of our employees while complying with the objectives that we propose and the principles and values that guide us.


Since its foundation NATIGAM considers quality as a key factor. It’s essential to the competitiveness, resources management efficiency and satisfaction of our customers.



• We are located in an industrial area where companies have an environmental commitment. To this end, all waste produced domestically are recovered or sent to appropriate destination.


• We have an indoor garden that besides contributing to aesthetics, is also responsible for air purification.


• If you visit us using plug-in vehicles, you can use one of our fast charging stations (7.3 Kw) to charge its batteries.